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Our dependency on smart phones has grown immense over the last decade. From talking, watching movies, listening to music, ordering food, buying products to working, reading etc. everything can be done on the smart phones. It has created an all new parallel world. To keep that world moving, we need to charge them often. Hence, power bank also known as portable charger became highly popular in the past few years. But with availability of so many power banks in the market, one might confuse which one to choose or what fits the best as per your requirement. After all, choosing a power bank is no less than a task. Therefore, we are enlisting few quick tips that would be helpful for you while buying a power bank. 

Understand your battery size & charger specification

It is very pertinent to know the power capacity of your phone’s battery & charger specification and choose a power bank accordingly. You can easily get this information printed on your charger or battery or the packaging box of the phone.

Choose Power Bank as Per Need

Before buying any power bank, you must analyze your need and requirement. If your phone drains frequently or you need to charge multiple devices then go for a power bank with maximum Milliampere hour (mAh). This would ensure that you never run out of juice.

Notice Output Voltage

It is extremely important to know the output voltage of your device. You must see that the output voltage of the power bank should be equal to or more than your device. This will not only ensure fast charge but is also important for your device’s battery health.

Surge Protection

If you want a long life for your power bank then you must look for the auto-cut feature. This would ensure the safety of your bank from over charging.

No Compromise to Quality

Power Bank is something you don’t buy often. It is always recommended to buy power bank of a good brand. A good power bank would ensure a better and long life of your device.

LED Indicator

Try to choose a power bank with LED indicator which will keep you abreast about the charge left in the power bank. It will help you to know about the power status so that you never run out of power.







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