Baseus 2-in-1 3A, 60W Power Delivery Type-C + 18W Lightning Interfaces, Durable Nylon Cable with Aluminium Alloy Plug and Smart Chip 1m Cable…

The Baseus 2-in-1 USB cable has two interfaces that support quick charge as well as transmit data through IP interface and Type-C interface. The 1m cable offers 60W power delivery safe and quick charge with 3 intelligent chips, supporting phones computers, iPad, iPhones, etc. Tough and durable braided nylon cable is of high quality, resistant to wear and breakage. The two-port fast transmission plug is stepped-wedge designed allowing you to charge without removing the phone case. With a built-in storage hook and loop fastener, keep it knot-free. •2-in-1 USB Type-C + IP Cable •Thick Braided High-Density Wire with Fastener •3 Intelligent Chip System Management •QC 3.0 and 60W PD •Aluminum Alloy Plugs and iPhone Connector

-QC 3.0 and 60W PD – Fast charging of QC 3.0 allows your device to be completely charged within a few hours. Enjoy a quick charge without worrying about your phone. Get fast transmission of data between two devices and 60W PD technology.

-2-in-1 USB Type-C + compatible with iphone– The cable is compatible with both iphone and Type-C devices. The two interfaces can transmit data and fast charge phones, computers, and Apple devices.

-3 Intelligent Chip management system – Baseus cable is equipped with 3 intelligent chips supporting quick charge without damage to devices. Secure your devices from hidden dangers and fast charge and data transmission at the same time.

-Aluminum Alloy Plugs and iPhone Connector – The stunning USB Type-C aluminum alloy plugs are rust-resistant. The addition of a iPhone connector gives an option to connect more devices. The stepped-wedge design of the plug allows charging without removing the phone case.

-Thick Braided High-density wire with Fastener – 1m long cable is tough and durable with woven multi-strand nylon braided. Resistant to pull, tear, and bending, the thick and seamless cable is not easy to fracture with high-strength TPE material and increases transmission with reduced resistance. With a built-in hook and loop fastener, store the cable knot-free.

Customer Reviews

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Samnan Shahid Mir

That product which youll had send is on the expensive side the brick itself is expensive and without cord.its suppose to be fast charging on single mobile charging speed 65w plus but its not.second the build quality is not up to the mark as you insert the type C connect or any usb type b the socket is crooked and the pin not get properly inserted

Stopped working after 5 months

Brought it on Amazon. Worked well but with a flaw that usb C and lightening conductor has loose connection and frequently dislodges itself. Now after 5 months of usage and taking good care, it stopped working. Now how to avail warranty?

Dr Sushil Kumar

Good quality and support fast charging

Susovan Roy
Value for Money

Real useful product

rahul Bhardwaj
good product

a really good product at this price