Baseus Creamy-white Aroma Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser is perfect for every home, office, or yoga studio to create a calming atmosphere, helping purify and humidify the air, relieving dry skin and lips.

Key Features:-

 Aroma diffusion and humidification Drop the essential oil (2-4 drops) into the water tank

for atomization, keeping the air moistened for pressure relief. 3,000,000 times/ sec

vibrating frequency for atomization USB power supply, fine and uniform mist output with

up to 3,000,000 times vibrating frequency. Silent care Built-in turbofan, bigger airflow,

higher mist jetting, lower noise level. Automatically power off In case of insufficient

water, the aroma diffuser will be powered off automatically to ensure safety. Nursing

bottle-class material construction Use nursing bottle-class PP material for purpose of

environmental protection and health. 7-color gradually changing atmosphere lamp

gradually changing 7-color breathing lamp with color fixable, creating a romantic and

sweet atmosphere. Multi-scenario applicable Simple design, apply for home, office, car,


Warranty: 1 Year