Baseus GaN2 Lite 65W Quick Charger- Suit for iPhone Except iPhone 12 series

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The Baseus GaN2 Lite 65W Quick Charger is compact and lightweight, fit for travel. It is integrated with Baseus Cooling Technology which effectively improves heat dissipation & Baseus power split-11 charging technology adjust current output and avoiding damage. The Quick Charger is compatible with full protocols and can charge 2 devices at the same time with PD3.0, QC4+, QC3.0, SCP,MTK,AFC ETC.




  • Compact and Convenient –The Baseus GaN2 Lite quick Charger is reduced by 20% & as small as a card, narrow and shorter than regular chargers. It is more convenient to carry and can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously with the 65W Multiport Simultaneous fast charge. It can support 2 laptops with fast charging.
  • Baseus Cooling Technology (BCT)–BCT effectively improves heat dissipation by accelerating the rapid heat emission from the radiator surface. It involves an infrared resonance effect of the radiator surface that is excited by nanotechnology.
  • Baseus Power Split-II charging technology(BSPII)-BSP technology, intelligent current adjustment for output, voltage & power, thus avoiding damage to small current devices & equipment such as charging equipment, independent multi-port simultaneous.
  • Fast Charging Protocol Compatible –The GaN2 Lite Quick Charger is a fast charge protocol compatible with various devices such as tablets, laptops, phones, wearable devices, and switches. It is compatible with PD3.0, QC4+, QC3.0, SCP, MTK, AFC, etc.


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